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Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Rolls-Royce – all these respected carmakers rely on us for the highest quality machined parts. Here at LPH Group for over 30 years we have been producing the finest quality plastic and metal components for high-end luxury clients around the world, right here in Eastern Slovakia. In 2017, we decided to develop our very own means of transport, albeit in a slightly different category.

The city bike market was missing a model that one could easily share with kids, friends and colleagues, no matter their height or weight. So, we decided to invent such a bike ourselves. After more than 10,000 hours of creative work using the latest in technology we come to you with a bike called Sharvan. It expands, it folds, it changes colours. It’s the first of its kind in the world, proudly made in Slovakia.

The story of the Sharvan


Here at our LPH Group company, for the first time, our designers developed a concept for a bicycle that could both adjust in size and fold for easy storage.

Later, we created the first prototype, built with a  carbon fibre frame.


The first injection moulded frame for the new bike exits production.

Three functional prototypes are built.


After careful consideration we name our bike ‘Sharvan’ (it comes from an Eastern Slovak dialect, meaning “a sportive, lively boy” combined with the English phrase “share one”).

We also showcased Sharvan’s world premiere at the EUROBIKE 2019 fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


We also built the first Sharvan e-bike prototype.

We Launched the mass production of Sharvan bikes.


Worldwide exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai

SHARVAN is the official means of transport of the Slovak pavilion for the entire EXPO Dubai area 10/2021-3/2022

National award for design – SHARVAN finalist – exhibited in the national gallery in Bratislava


MHSR Award in the Innovative Act of the Year competition in the Technological Innovation category – 3rd place

5/2022 Start of serial production of SHARVAN bicycles


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