No matter the angle, the unique design of our Sharvan bike makes it instantly recognizable. It marries together the latest in technologies with creative solutions never before used on any mass production bicycle.

A Frame That Expands

Thanks to a unique mechanism hidden inside the frame, along with an adjustable seat and handlebars, the Sharvan bike provides a comfortable ride for people measuring 120 to 205 centimetres. With just a few turns of a hex key the frame fluently adapts to your body’s height – in seconds.

Folding Mechanism

After finishing your ride, fold the Sharvan in just three simple moves to a compact size of 60 x 66 x 40 centimetres. Then you can easily store it in your car trunk, your flat, your office, or wherever. Fold it in less than thirty seconds.

Colour Frame Covers

Removable frame covers in different colours allow you to give your Sharvan a completely new look and design every day, according to your needs. Whether riding to a business meeting, a family trip or a party with friends, Sharvan will always suit the occasion. And if standard cover designs aren´t enough for you, visit our online service and design your own one-of-a-kind cover to make your bike truly unique.

Polyamide-Carbon Frame

Thanks to the advanced production technologies the frame of the Sharvan bike is extremely sturdy, durable and flexible. Sharvan bicycle frames use injection moulding as well as pressing composite materials together with aluminium parts. Moreover, its ribbed construction can absorb big bumps on the road. The Technical Testing Institute in Piešťany, Slovakia, confirmed that the frame does not lose its quality even after many kilometres, and guarantees the safety of the whole bike for many years of use.

Technical Solutions and Components

18-inch wheels

Thanks to its large 18-inch wheels you can easily and comfortably ride your Sharvan bike over longer distances.

Drive Belt

Compared to a standard drive chain, the rear wheel of the Sharvan bike is driven by a special drive belt, the same often used in high performance sports cars. The belt transfers the energy from the pedals to the wheel much more efficiently than a chain, its lifespan is much longer and it also does not require any maintenance or lubrication.


Sharvan bikes are equipped with high-quality derailleurs: Shimano Nexus, a built-in the rear wheel hub. The number of gears can be 1, 3, 7 or 11, depending on the particular model. Choose the best one for your needs.

Front Wheel Mounting

The front wheel of the Sharvan bike is mounted on a single armed fork that is both sturdy and quite practical when folding the bike.

Disc Brakes

High quality disc brakes from Shimano are standard on every Sharvan bike model. You can rely on them even at high speeds. They let you stop the bike safely and effectively in any situation.

Hidden Cables

All the cables to the brakes and the derailleur are fed through the inside of the frame. This way they does not hinder the folding or adjusting the size of the bike. This solution also minimizes the risk of damage to the cables.

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