Composite polyamide-carbon frame

The special polyamide-carbon frame is designed by our skilled engineers using CAD software and produced by an innovative injection moulding technology.

Frame Manufacturing Process

Unlike most bicycle frames, which are welded together, the Sharvan frame is designed as a compact unit, produced using injection moulding technology in a process that takes just 60 seconds. This frame is composed of a composite consisting of a polyamide matrix and a reinforcing carbon fibre, making up to 30% of the frame’s volume.


Frame Flexibility

Thanks to its grid-ribbed construction, the frame of the Sharvan bike is so flexible it can easily absorb any little bumps and holes on the road, making the ride very smooth and enjoyable. Riding over cobbled streets, channel hatches or smaller curbs has never been more comfortable. Despite its flexibility the frame retains its strength even after many long years of active use.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The frame of the Sharvan bike is covered by special colour covers, which have a protective and aesthetic function. By simply changing them the rider can adapt the design of his bike anytime, to his or her current needs and preferences. The base model Sharvan comes with one frame cover included, of the customer’s choice in colour. Other frame covers are available to order separately in our e-shop.


Extending, folding, changing colours.

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