Why choose an e-Sharvan ?

The e-Sharvan bike is available in two models: single-speed 17,25 kg and three-speed 18,5 kg (Efneo transmission).

The e-Sharvan bike combines the unique design of a growing and folding bike in combination with a ZEHUS electric motor, specifically the All In One type.

Zariadenie ZEHUS All IN One - SHARVAN
SHARVAN ovládanie e-bicykel

ZEHUS All IN One device

It is a system that integrates all components, especially the motor itself, the battery and the electronics for controlling them. The integration consists in the fact that the battery, the electric motor itself and the electronics are stored in the rear hub.

The electric motor supports driving up to a speed of 25 km/h, after exceeding this speed the electric motor is automatically deactivated (EU Regulation).

The All In One has a regenerative braking function that allows you to slow down the bike using the electric motor as a battery generator through an integrated kinetic energy recovery system.


The control of the e-bike is done through the ZEHUS application, which allows you to register, configure and use the All In One device. The application is available for all types of smart phone devices.

Zehus App on the Google Play
Zehus App on the App Store

Power modes

The electric motor, specifically in Sharvan e-bikes works All In One HALOS supports 4 modes. Configuration or the selection of the mode is done via the mobile application or the controller on the handlebars/remote control (if it is equipped with the e-bike):

No assist

No Support/Disabled

The mode does not provide any assistance to the cyclist, so the e-bike behaves like a normal mechanical bike, but retains the reverse regenerative brake.


Eco/Soft engine assistance

Eco uses soft engine assistance up to a speed of 20 km/h, which allows saving battery power for more demanding conditions.


Custom mode

Custom is a customizable power mode in terms of level of assistance and speed, according to the rider’s decision, support values can be set in the app.

Turbo custom


Turbo is the most powerful mode you can choose, providing all the power of the engine up to a speed of 25 km/h.

SHARVAN elektro ovládanie

At the same time, as mentioned above, if the e-bike has a controller on the handlebars/remote control, it is also possible to use the Boost function:


Reinforcement/Booster is a function that provides a temporary or short-term additional power to 500 W. This function is automatically deactivated at a speed of 20 km/h.

SHARVAN elektro ovládanie

The e-bike can also be controlled using the Remote control without the need to manipulate the mobile application. Remote control allows full control over the e-bike.

  • turn on/off the bike without taking your hands off the handlebars
  • change power modes on the go
  • activate Boost or KERS (kinetic energy recovery system)
  • battery charge status checker
  • monitor engine performance

Information about the Sharvan three-speed e-bike with Efneo gearbox

The 3-speed GTRO front gearbox from Efneo is ideal for users who want to use the Sharvan e-bike at the maximum limits of its performance. Efneo GTRO Gearbox allows gear changes in three interfaces.

The advantage of the Efneo transmission is the possibility to choose a transmission according to the type of driving or terrain, taking into account either the pedaling frequency or the speed.

Gear change control is carried out through a special shift handle, which is installed on the left side of the handlebar.

Riadidlá na bicykel - SHARVAN
Gear Ratio Teeth equivalent for 28T
1st 1:1 28T (physical chainring size)
2nd 1:1,43 40T (physical chainring size)
3rd 1:1,79 50T (physical chainring size)

Range in individual modes for one and three speed e-bikes

Power mode Average range
Eco 50 km
Custom 35-45 km
Turbo 30 km

Technical data for one and three speed e-bikes

Drive unit
Rated power W 250
Maximum torque Nm 30 (440 with RC boost)
Battery pack
Rated Voltage V 28.8
Rated Capacity mAh 6000
Energy Wh 172.8
Weight (~) Kg 3.2
Operating Temperature °C -20 + 70
Storage Temperature °C -40 + 60
Charging Temperature °C -20 + 60
Degree of protection IPx5
Voltage Input V 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage V 33.6
Charging current A 2
Charging time (~) h 3

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