Bike fleet – Sharvan for your business.

Get ahead of the competition and let your company culture grow with Sharvan bikes.

Cool Like The Sharvan

Do you lead a successful business and care about your company’s image? Sharvan bikes are the perfect way to boost your reputation. With their radical designs and innovative construction Sharvan bikes will definitely draw crowds. Sharvan bikes are high-quality, fast, practical, and ecological, and what better way to show that your company is in touch with the tech future. Moreover, through our online service you can customize your Sharvan bikes to wear your company colours. That way your partners and the public will easily identify your company on these excellent bikes.


Time is Money

We all know it – hours and hours wasted, stuck in traffic jams every day, endless searching for a free parking space… It’s awful. But, with the Sharvan bike you’ll avoid all the pitfalls of the city. It makes travel fluid and easy, saving you time, and keeping the environment clean.

Ideal Mate to Your Car

Where your car ends, the Sharvan bike starts. It pushes the limits of private transportation and carries you over all the obstacles in your way. Is the nearest parking spot too far from your destination? Did your car just break down? Or are you mired in a sea of traffic? Take your Sharvan bike from the trunk, and continue your journey. Do you sell cars or operate a car showroom? Then why not surprise your clients with a cool and stylish gift – a Sharvan bike in the same colour as the purchased car?


Extending, folding, changing colours.

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