I went to the East. I visited LPH companies in Poprad, Prešov and Vranov nad Topľou. Jan Manduľák has built them out of nothing in 30 years. The hardworking man with a vision who understood how injection moulding machines work. His nephew, Dušan Manduľák, together with his team were just packing a bicycle Sharvan for EXPO Dubai exhibition. The company produces different parts and segments for others but Dušan started to think about producing their own product. The development team used to meet every Wednesday and came up with a bicykel which can grow with a child and can be folded into a small space. They are able to make up to 70 % of all bicycle´s segments within their company. The bicycle is suitable for all children above 120 cm and adults up to 200 cm. The bike has got a rack gear and sliding mechanisms which can make the bike grow so the rider doesn´t have to slouch. Another interesting thing is that the frame is made of a composite material on the injection moulding machine in 2 minutes. Usual metal frames are made by hydroforming in 1 – 2 days through the process of welding and bending. There are plastic covers on the frame that can be changed, similar to mobile phones. The lads were just getting ready the covers in Slovak flag colours and one special – with an original painting of Robert Polansky. There are more interesting things about that bicycle – belt instead of a chain, innovative folding segments, disc brakes, 3D printed parts, multi-stage gearbox or electric rear wheel drive. This bicycle can be even used on water level using a special additional equipment or even more, as a stationary bike at home.
Dušan Manduľák, together with his team, not only has invented the production of this bicycle, he has also reasoned out the whole concept of selling it and its service. It is a bicycle people would turn their heads when they see it on the street and the whole family can share one. Sharvan points will be set in towns and cities where people will configure the bicycle, order it and they will receive in a package. It is a great designer and technical innovation and even designers from Brompton could learn a lot from the lads from Prešov.

We were talking with Dušan Manduľák, Ján Manduľák and Ľubkom Klieštikom in a lovely place, their hotel Zelená Lagúna at Domaša until late night. We found out we share lots of similar values and visions and agreed their group skupina LPH will become the member of our Inovato network.

LPH is a well-organized company with modern technologies
Dušan Manduľák, the father of the bicycle Sharvan
First models of bicycle Sharvan
The boys make many of the components themselves
Prepares for Dubai Expo