Ako vymeniť farebné kryty


The handlebar should be on your left-hand side and the saddle by your right hand. The handlebar should point slightly to the left. Position the pedal so that it is pointed towards the front of the bike.

Step one: With your right hand, unlock the rear frame catch, to release the back wheel.

Step two: Lift the rear wheel so that the wheel swings under the bike. Now loosen the clamp on the mainframe.

Step three: Hold the handlebar stem just above the hinge. Lift and sweep the bike, so that the axle hook rests on the chainstay.

Step four: Now unhinge the handlebar, push it downwards to lock into place.

Step five: Lower the seat post by unclamping the seat. Now fully lower the seat post. Lock the seat post.

Step six: Finally close the pedal by pushing the center of the pedal upwards.


Stand on the left-hand side of the bike. This is the same side as the folding pedal.

Step one: Unfold the folding pedal.

Step two: Unclamp and raise the seat post.

Step three: Push the handlebar out using your left hand and with a sweeping motion to raise into position. Close using the hinge clamp.

Step four: Grip the handlebar stem, just above the stem with your left hand. Lift the stem so the wheel catch is free from the frame. Using a forward sweeping motion, bring the wheel around so that it is at a slight angle. The front-wheel should always point forward. Now tighten the mainframe clamp.

Step five: Lift the rear of the bike with the saddle or seat post, swing the rear wheel out so that the rear wheel clips into the mainframe. You will hear a click when it is in place.

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